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There is no school like the old school in Vfx

I read this very interesting book about matte painting from Amazon.


It talked about matte painting techniques and its history on how it came about. It makes you appreciate the advances in technology for Visual Effects.

Before they used to do a lot of stuff before you can compose a shot. Like using a painted glass to add castles to a scenery; a projected screen behind a car set to mimic a moving/driving car background; black mattes and recording over the original film for double exposure, just to compose a duplicity shot.

And now, I recently came along this video explaining again almost all the techniques from this book but with more examples.

I would just like to share it to you guys. Kudos to FilmakerIQ.com for making this awesome video, and thanks to David B Matingly for a very well written book about matte painting.

Sometimes its fun to look at the past on how they came up with their Visual effects because some of them you can even apply on yours today.


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Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe After Effects CC Initial Review


I recently joined Adobe’s new subscription based Creative Cloud. Being a faculty at De La Salle School for Design and Arts Philippines, the education plan only costs 815 philippine pesos/month around $19-20/month . Not bad, and you get all the Adobe Apps if you choose to download all of them if you have the space on your Macbook.For individuals it goes from $19/month per individual app to $49/month for all of the Adobe Softwares.(See the Plans at https://creative.adobe.com/plans)

For me I just downloaded the CS6 Production Premium equivalent of Adobe CC. So thats; Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC,Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe Bridge CC, Adobe Sound Booth CC and Adobe After Effects CC which comes with Cinema 4D Lite for free.

Installing it only took around 20-30 minutes, depending on your internet connection. Adobe Installs the CC apps separately from your Adobe CS6 apps.

You can find your old AE CS6 on Applications in the Finder window.

You will have to re-install your plugins fro AE CS6 to AE CC if you wish to use them still. (I wonder if Element 3D still works)

I thought to try first the Cinema 4D and After Effects integration. Its very exciting to see these two great programs talk to each other and speed up the workflow.

So I started up After Effects CC, create a new comp and created a new Cinema 4D Lite from the Layers Menu.

Adobe After Effects CC

Then from there, Cinema 4D lite booted up. Inside it, features very basic tools in cinema 4d. The Menu contains only 3D Modeling & Texturing commands.

Mograph is limited to only Fracture command and two effectors (Plain and Random).Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 12.06.01 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 12.04.48 PM

If you plan to do heavy effects, it will be a bit of a challenge recreating them with Cinema 4D Lite, so I recommend holding on to your old C4D

softwares, it can be opened inside AE the same anyway.C4d lite also comes with presets from the content browser for lighting studios and backgrounds

same with those in greyscalegorilla which I think is pretty awesome.

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 12.32.43 PM

Next, I want to find out how good does the two softwares talk. Does it update fast into After Effects from Cinema 4D once you save your animation or

is there a lag.

The first experiment I did for today is a simple 180 text rotation for 2 seconds from Cinema 4D lite. I also created a light studio from the content browser, one point light and turned on ambient occlusion.

Once you scrub your C4d layer in your timeline, it is very slow to update. Its great if you would just check your lighting and camera animation, but using it to sync with your AE elements would be a challenge. There is an option to lower the resolution for better performance, but on my Macbook(which is just the stock 4gig ram,  500 gb HD, 2.53 Ghtz Intel Core i5) it will be hard to do.You can also add Levels and curves on your C4d layer but that would really slow down the

project file in After Effects CC.

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 12.14.28 PM

I just did a two second animation from cinema 4D lite and its already a bit slow. I hope this would improve in the future.

I tried rendering the 2 second clip in After Effects.

I was curious about the render time, would it be the same as the time rendered from c4D+ the time rendered from AE combined, or will

it be 50% faster.

Turns out, its my first prediction. The two second clip is estimated by After Effects to be done in 17-15 Mins.

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 11.47.42 AM

So for workflow, I recommend

1. do your Animations in Cinema 4D first

2.get the timing and lighting right there

3. Render your Animation if you plan to sync some elements from AE (It really helps if the footage or layer is scrubbable)

4. And then for revision purposes, when your done with syncing your animations; just replace the rendered layer of your 3D to your c4D file.

I may be wrong but for those of you with slow laptops like mine, it would really be difficult to attempt syncing animation  directly from C4d lite.

As for the quality of the render if you would use your Cinema 4D file directly as your layers in After Effects CC.

It looks great!

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/68748489]

I hope this review helps anyone who is thinking about upgrading or sticking with Adobe After Effects CS6.


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Blood Donors Network infographics

This info-graphics video was for the Blood Donor’s Network App. We were invited to represent the Philippines in the 46th Annual Asian Development Bank meeting in Delhi, India. We would be presenting our pitch to possible investors who will be attending the event.


Program used: Adobe After Effects

Scriptwriter: Gerard Navarro

Producer: Gerard Navarro & Joel Barquez

Voice overs: Gerard Navarro for Blood Request, Joel Barquez for Blood Hero

Broadcast Designer: Gerard Navarro


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The Buzz Standard Plug 2013

For this year’s standard plug for the buzz, my producer Ms. Kristine Hurtado-Montalvo, requested a more

cleaner look for the campaign. She suggested more simple layouts for the cargens and art cards but

still retaining the feel that the show is about exciting scandals and celeberties. We would achieve that through

dynamic transitions and movements. Together with this post is the pre-edited version so that you would

have an idea on the flow of the offline and the result based from the suggestions of my producer.

Software used:

Adobe After Effects

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Presidents’ Day Plug 2013

This project is about celebrating the holiday for all the presidents of USA.

My beautiful producer asked me to create visuals similar to the design of the dollar bill with the wreath and oval frames.

She also suggested that we have a flag of the USA being blown or maybe waving in the background.

And those suggestions were really good because it lead me to design the plug faster.

Softwares used:

Adobe After Effects

Video Co-Pilot Optical Flarespresidentsday


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Prelikula Logo and Template

We have a new block  for the BRO Channel about Old Philippine action movies. One of the things we also handle in TFC is creating templates for certain time slots.

The way it works is, a producer will ask you to create a Logo or CBB( Closing Bilboard) and a template for the layout of the schedules on a certain Block .

In this tempalte, my producer Steph was looking for a vintage/grungy mood for the campaign.

After creating the template, this is then consolidated and saved for the encoders. They are the people who still “manually” type all

of the shows and schedules on TV. And so it goes…

Softwares used:

Adobe After Effects

Cinema 4D


8 hours



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The Filipino Channel Final Campaign for 2012

Here in this project, we just continued on from our previous concepts of incorporating TFC with some of the most iconic images that can be seen in the Philippines.

For the final campaign visuals, we decided to go with three locations. These are: Manila Bay, Manila Post office and Intramuros.

What was memorable about this versions was the color correction we applied for the raw footages. We shot the videos all on our own using an iphone a samsung 50d camera.

When we were finished with the color correction, we were just laughing because it looked so good from the original that it looked like it was taken from somewhere else.

We had a lot of fun with this campaign.It was great while it lasted. And so it goes….