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Code of Ethics for Online-Learning Content Creators or IOVS Phils.

*Below is a short paper I wrote for the De La Salle University Masters in Communication in Applied Media Studies. I thought it would be best to share this with the public and my students(Especially for my SHS Tech empowerment students for Veritas School) given the circumstances that more and more Filipinos today are creating […]

How to price your work as a freelance multimedia specialist in the Philippines.

A lot of people, especially the ones who are just starting out in the multimedia industry, have no idea about pricing their services for video production, graphic design or animation in the Philippines.

Piracy for art’s sake: The ethical paradox why freelance designers who use pirated software still assert copyright protection in the Philippines.

*The following article is a research I have written at De La Salle University in 2015. I have however shortened most of it to help make it more blogger-reader friendly. Digital Artists and their tools According to the journal of Thomas, Lee and Danis entitled, Enhancing Creative Design via Software Tools: “Effective and innovative designs […]

The Art of the Title in Philippine Television. Part 1

As I child I remember sitting in front of the television, waiting for my favorite T.V. show to start. As the show begins, my heart starts raising as I hear the first notes of the intro song from the Television. I see the opening credits being displayed, showing the name of the actors, the title […]

Have the power to always know whom to call during emergencies in the Philippines

Have the power to always know whom to call during emergencies in the Philippines

Hero Support lets you call any emergency hotline in Metro Manila in seconds, without having to memorize or save each and every number in your phone. The idea for the app came to be when Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines back in 2014. News channels and websites were showing different kinds of emergency numbers to […]

The Filipino Channel 20th Anniversary Idents

The Filipino Channel 20th Anniversary Idents

For the 20th Anniversary of the Filipino Channel, we planned to follow up from our last concept on 2012. We have gotten a lot of good feedback from our subscribers about our imaging and branding featuring some of the most iconic places in the Philippines. From the original concept (Which was inspired from lomography and […]

Upload Adobe After Effects Videos to Instagram.

I have always wanted to upload some of my works in instagram. I envisioned it to be a new way for The Filipino Channel to connect to its subscribers abroad. I imagine greetings from our channel’s prominent stars, simple branding idents, snippets of our station ID and some of our 15 second logo animations filling […]