Code of Ethics for Online-Learning Content Creators or IOVS Phils.

*Below is a short paper I wrote for the De La Salle University Masters in Communication in Applied Media Studies. I thought it would be best to share this with the public and my students(Especially for my SHS Tech empowerment students for Veritas School) given the circumstances that more and more Filipinos today are creating and sharing their ideas online.

Independent Online Vocational School Industry

The rise of online video tutorial websites and short courses through e-books, blogs and interactive PDFs have slowly been adopted today.

The likes of,,,,, independent e-book authors and independent video producers on are slowly changing the landscape of self-study learning.

With the use of personal computers and the internet, it has made possible for educators to teach more students even from far away places in the Philippines.

(See link: )

Similar to the video, I share the same dream of Mark Zuckerberg on being able to help as many people as I can through the use of the internet. For the moment, I would like to refer to these reference materials (Youtube Video Tutorials, Online website courses,  blog & website tutorials, interactive e-book short courses) created by various contributors (Evangelist, Professors/Teachers, Industry Practitioners) as the Independent Online Vocational School Industry.

           Even though this new revolution of learning is created through technology, I believe that its overall impact will still rely on the expertise and ideas of the people who create them. That is why I would like to recommend some policies that I think would help ensure that it will always serve the best interest of the students who will avail them.

What would these code of ethics contain?

Below are a few of my ideas and recommendations for IOVS practitioners to help ensure that most of the content used for education will help uplift society through technology.

Independent Online Vocational School Industry Policies

  1. The authors under the IOVS must use their wisdom and expertise to help uplift and inspire the community in the Philippines and even abroad with the use of the Internet. They should not use this privilege to cause any harm to society. (i.e. online tutorials that promote violence, terrorism, discrimination, promote false information, cyberbullying)
  2. The authors under the IOVS must always give a short profile of themselves and background of their expertise for every resource material they publish online. Their profile and background should always be related to the resource material they are promoting, otherwise they should include a disclaimer.
  3. All softwares, artworks,files and multimedia material that are included or used in these tutorials that is not owned by the author, should have permission from the owner ,if it is used for profit, or be properly credited if the author has offered to give it for free to the community. 
  4. The authors under the IOVS must promise to publish all original tutorials. Under no circumstances should an author replicate another author’s work unless the latter gives permission to do so. The author who also replicates another author’s tutorial must have probable cause and properly credit the original author. (i.e. Convert tutorials from english to tagalog/ilonggo/ilokano/Sign language, Original tutorial software is out of date).
  5. Under no circumstances that an author publicly insult, discredit or bash a fellow author or commenter.
  6. Authors should also add a disclaimer that these short courses are not an equivalent of a elementary, high school, undergraduate or graduate diploma. The IOVS can only provide certification according to the scope of the program that is provided by the  local government or abroad.  A certificate program should be at least 10-30 hours of recorded hands on training that also requires a final output to be verified by the governing IOVS representative.
  7. Authors should always try to refrain from using foul language in their tutorials.

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