The Filipino Channel 20th Anniversary Idents


For the 20th Anniversary of the Filipino Channel, we planned to follow up from our last concept on 2012. We have gotten a lot of good feedback from our subscribers about our imaging and branding featuring some of the most iconic places in the Philippines.

From the original concept (Which was inspired from lomography and 3D Typography), we wanted to expand its application to not just TV, but also through social media.

And so we got our next inspiration from one of the most popular social media platforms today, instagram. Through hastags and a lot more shoot locations, we plan to create a bigger picture of the greater Filipino.

Also since we already executed the treatment of 3D typography, we adopted a more traditional composition. 2D text cropped into videos, similar to magazines and Instagram quotes. Later we can then resize these videos; maybe change the copy and push the videos to Instagram and Facebook.

Here are some of the screen shots. Sample videos to follow.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Digital Video Compositions by: Joel Barquez, Gerard Navarro, Edison Lucmayon, Emman Hernandez, Merwin De Mesa and Aaron

Color correction by: Merwin De Mesa, Gerard Navarro and Edison Lucmayon

Final Comp by: Gerard Navarro and Merwin De Mesa

Music by: Fred Peraz and Jay Santiago

Broadcast Design Head: Joel Barquez

Branding Idents Concept Lead : Gerard Navarro

Softwares Used:
Adobe After Effects CS6, Adobe Speed Grade CS6, Cinema 4D

Canon Mark III 5D and an Iphone 5c.

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