There is no school like the old school in Vfx

I read this very interesting book about matte painting from Amazon.


It talked about matte painting techniques and its history on how it came about. It makes you appreciate the advances in technology for Visual Effects.

Before they used to do a lot of stuff before you can compose a shot. Like using a painted glass to add castles to a scenery; a projected screen behind a car set to mimic a moving/driving car background; black mattes and recording over the original film for double exposure, just to compose a duplicity shot.

And now, I recently came along this video explaining again almost all the techniques from this book but with more examples.

I would just like to share it to you guys. Kudos to for making this awesome video, and thanks to David B Matingly for a very well written book about matte painting.

Sometimes its fun to look at the past on how they came up with their Visual effects because some of them you can even apply on yours today.


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