Social Innovation Camp Asia

After startup weekend manila 2012, we had an invitation from another startup seminar. It was social innovation camp asia. They asked us to submit our idea to their website. Once submitted, our idea would pit against other App proposals but this time, from all over Asia(total of 140 app entries). Having lost before in SWM 2012, we never thought that things would push through but we submitted our idea anyway.We were not the only ones invited. The group who won at startup weekend manila 2012 was also asked to submit their proposal. So we weren’t really expecting something big to happen.

After a week or two, my boss tried calling me on the weekend. It was just bad luck because I was out of town at that time with my wife. On monday ,I apologised that I couldn’t return his call over the weekend. I thought it was some emergency on a plug or edit that needed to be re-aired right away. To my surprise he told me that out of 140 apps, they selected six. And one of them was us.

We then went on to Malaysia to compete representing the Philippines. 🙂

When we got there, the format is the same with startup weekend manila. In 3 days, pitch your idea to investors with a working prototype and a business plan. But this time we had an upper hand. During startup weekend manila, we have made new friends from the other group, the “Augmented Reality App”. These guys were so good at creating apps for IOS. Having composed of mainly designers (Me and Joel), we decided to invite the Augmented Reality App’s lead Xcode guy, Ronal Paglinawan.

With Ronald in our team, we managed to create the whole IOS prototype app overnight.I designed the interface and UI, joel designed the storyboard of the app and Ronald did the Xcoding.

The other members of our group were also awesome in their own way. Each hade their own specialty. In Social Innovation Camp Asia, each of the top 6 were composed of a core group of 3, and then was joined by other highly talented individuals from all over asia.Some flew in from China,India, Singapore and even from the US.

Each contributed their own expertise to the table. Some were marketing wizards, others where hardcore coders , and some even have their own existing Web App startup companies but just decided to join in just for fun.

After the weekend, we landed second place. Not bad for  first timers like us. 🙂 And so it goes…

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