Startup Weekend Manila 2nd batch for 2011

Last Septemnber 28 -30, my boss and I attended Startupweekend Manila.

For those who never heard of it, startup weekend is an extensive three day Web and Mobile Development crash course. Here you have only 3 days to make your App idea come to life complete with business plans.On the first day of the seminar, participants will pitch their ideas to an enthusiastic group of people composed of 50 designers, 50 developers and 50 marketing/business people. When all the pitches have been heard, the ideas will then be posted on the wall and the participant will then vote who goes to the next round. Each participant is handed a post it with a different color. With these, they would vote which idea they like best by sticking their post-its on the ideas on the wall. Each participant gets to chose only three ideas from the wall.

Those ideas who get votes of 30 or more goes to the next round.


For the next round, those who voted for the idea will then be included in the group. From there, you will have only the whole saturday and sunday to get the App running and the business/marketing plan all sought out.

After the grueling development, you will then pitch your working app to investors on Sunday night the same weekend.Whoever wins gets bragging rights and seed money.

During the weekend, the App idea of my boss got selected as one of the finalists. The App was about Blood Donor Network, it will help out individuals who are sick and in need of blood. Unfortunately, almost all of the developers were taken by the other groups. Luckily, this one group from the TULA App (The Ultimate Laundry Experience) offered to help us out in the Apps development. In return, we would design their logo and UI which was a good deal since in their group, all of them were developers.

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It was incredible working with these developers. They could do almost anything we imagine with the UI design.

We were done by afternoon that saturday. By sunday night we pitched our idea to the judges and our fellow participants. Sadly we didn’t win, but seeing my designs on the mobile device, and have all of the buttons work with all the widgets is enough. Hope to be able to work with those guys again in the future. And so it goes…

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