Bro Channel September Omni



This is just one of the standard plugs for TFC. We do hundreds of this per year depending on what channel and on what platform. In this plug, my beautiful producer already did the Offline Pre-Edit for me.

She just requested that I design an Art Card for each of her cut from the pre-edit and maybe fix the video to liven up the look of our Omni Plug.

An omni plug is like a promotional video that encompasses all the new shows available in a certain channel in TFC per month or quarter.This Omni covers the month of September 2012 and this only covers the scope of new shows in BRO channel. Bro channel is aimed towards the masculine audience of our subscribers abroad.Majority of them come from the middle east.

The Logo in the end is designed by Merwin De Mesa, one of my colleagues here in Broadcast Design Dept. at ABS-CBN Global.

I have included the raw video with this post so that for those noobs in the industry,

they can have an idea about how a standard plug is made. And so it goes…


Programs Used :Adobe After Effects CS5, VCP Optical Flares, Knoll Light Factory

Promo Producer: Kristine (Tin) Hurtado

Broadcast Designer: Gerard Navarro

Timeline: 3 hours

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