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Pinoy Destinations Interstitials 2012

I’ve been recently assigned to handle an interstitial about Pinoy Destinations (thats the actual name of the show).

My producer, steph, had an initial concept for the OBB (Opening Bilboard). Se asked me if there was a way to have

the graphics feel like a claymation sequence. And then she gave me a video of a series of images cut-to-the beat with the two hosts pre-edited with the sound.

To be able to add these graphics into the pre-edited video, I had to manually rotoscope each host out from the background in After Effects,

then add the graphics when I’m done. Took a little longer to get this done but it was worth the effort.

Also, in relation to the graphics that will be used, Steph  asked me that if I could incorporate some elements of the “jeepney” in our graphics.

So, for the Logo and graphics for the transitions and add-ons, I used the colors of the jeepney and incorporating its emblems

. I got arrowshapes from the ribbons that the jeepney drivers hang on the end of their chrome horses at the hood. I also mimicked

the layout of the Logo from the banner you see in front of the jeep, you can even see that I added the fog lights that are more  of a aesthetic purpose

in the jeepneys. Its was fun working with the interstitials group again. Steph was really helpful with her directions.

And so it goes…

Softwares Used : Adobe After Effects, VC Optical Flares, and Cinema 4d

Producer: Steph Rustia

Broadcast Designer: Gerard Navarro

Timeline : 1 week

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