The Filipino Channel Logo 2012 Unaired

We have been working for months to have a new fresh look for The Filipino Channel logo back then(2012).

Not all concepts will be accepted naturally, but there will always be that one animation that sometimes you would say… “sayang”.

I like this particular animation we made because it shows a vibrant display of the colors and patterns that was taken from

the sarao jeepneys here in the Philippines. Took me about a week to finally achieve the storyboards that was first

plotted out, but we changed directions midway. Although I am also happy with the new direction, I always look back at this particular animationand say,

it was still awesome have done it. Maybe next time đŸ˜€ And so it goes…

Software Used: Cinema 4D & After Effects

Creative Director/ BroadcastDesigner: Gerard Navarro

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