The Filipino Channel 2012 Summer Idents

The Filipino Channel 2012 Summer Idents

Recently, we have been challenged by our superior to come up with a new execution for our Branding.

And so we started by selecting the most powerful Visual Hammers you see in Filipino Culture ( Jeepney, Lanscape scenery, Tinalak Patterns, Vinta)

and incorporated them to our design layouts. We used 3D typography techniques for the text and match moved the animations to the videos we shot from different locations. This was especially hard because we didn’t have any budget to have a proper shoot for the images.But in the end I think all our hard work payed off. We had a lot of tweaking in Post of course, considering all was shot in natural lighting and it was always hard to shoot the background with few people. And so it goes…

The Filipino Channel Idents 2012

Broadcast Designers:

Gerard Navarro (Logo Animation & Matchmoving), Merwin De Mesa (Upnext & other branding Idents/ 2nd Matchmover)

and Angelo balanon (Cinematographer for Background Videos).

Concept: Gerard Navarro & Merwin De Mesa

Broadcast Design Head: Joselito Barquez

Software Used: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D R 12 ,Bojou Matchmover

Timeline: 1 month

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