TFC broadcastdesign visits We Love Post Studio

Recently I was aksed by my boss to help decide on what upgrades we would get for our little studio here at TFC. Our I.T.  supplier (LMK)happens to service a fellow studio down at makati. We hear that they are recently the most up to date post production set-up today, so we were invited to take a look around.

A Bar inside the studio!!! Cheers!


A brief intro. They currently celebrated their two year anniversary last week. They have been doing commercials, and music videos since they started; have gone a re-modeling of their studio at the 6floor of Coherco Center in Makati; and their staff are composed of some of the most prominent figures in the  post production industry.

Main softwares used are After Effects, Autodesk Smoke,Resolve, Autodesk Maya,Nuke and FCP. Whats amazing is that their setup for their servers is the most advanced in the industry.

All their workstations are located into one central rack together with the servers(68 terabytes total storage)
,betacams,DVCs. Inside each editing/post suite  the workstations are connected via extensions from the central rack so that inside the suite,  client and artist can only see the monitor, keyboard and mouse setup. They made this setup so that the machines will be monitored and maintained properly plus it would save on the hardcore air-conditioning of the machines because they can just focus all the cold into one room.

Sweet! Look no wires!

Thanks to Mr. Troy Montero, Pedring Lopez, and Jason Cahapay for their hospitality. Hope to have  the chance to  work with you guys in the future. Cheers! And so it goes…

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