Studying on Projection Mapping

Recently I’ve met with mr. andy, an expat who specializes in projection mapping technologies here in the Philippines. If you guys have no idea about projection mapping, its projecting a high def footage into a building but with a twist. Normally, when you project a footage the surface has to be flat, but with PM, the possibilities could got as big as making a whole building your canvas.

The images being projected onto a non-even surface was possible thru a proprietary software developed in-house by mr. andy’s team. The workflow is so strong that when we visited mr. andy they were actually undergoing a project where in the footage they will project will be onto a whole car (180-270 degrees of the surface). Right now I cannot divulge on the details but all I can tell you is that this will be an exciting project and maybe if I have the all clear, I can share the basic techniques into pulling off these projections by yourself. Cheers!

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