Stereoscopy in After Effects

Click to download PDF Tutorial

For our video-post class we tackled one of the industry’s latest trends, which is creating stereoscopic movies.Stereoscopy refers to the science behind those red and cyan glasses you wear that make the images of the movie come out of the screen.

In this tutorial, we will be using Adobe After Effects to create a basic setup.

You will need three things for this project:

1.) Your own Red and cyan 3d glasses

2.) A harry potter font (see

3.) And my demo AE file which you can download here:

When I made this tutorial, the movie harry potter was showing in theaters so I thought it might be a good idea to copy the trailer’s 3D text and make my own version of it for, educational purposes,so later I can compare it with the original and see if mine is as close to the real thing.

So anyway, here is the thumbnail of the original 3d text from the movie and right along side it my version of it in After effects.

Original from HP Movie
Copy from original

Here is also a render of the final video in stereoscopy.Cheers!

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