TFC Reinforcement Plug 2007

TRT: 30 seconds

This plug was created way way back on 2007.It was one of the first plugs that we attempted to integrate the camera movement and 3d world coordinates of the animations from Autodesk Maya to After Effects. Back then, this procedure and workflow was relatively new. We had to wrestle with a lot of locators and baking keys to get the exact positions of the elements from the two different programs. What’s nice about it is after you have set the camera animation in Maya, you’re free to do whatever filter you want to do in After effects including footage replacement/resize/color correction without the hassles of rendering all over again from 3d. This took longer than the usual timeline for a 30 seconder plug, and we rendered it overnight. Thanks for Rhea Guia for being so patient to the render time and the R&D that occured during the project.

Title: TFC Reinforcement plug

Goal: This plug will air for 1-3 months describing the new shows and stars of TFC.

Software Used: Adobe After Effects Cs3, Autodesk Maya

Timeline: 8hours

Promo Producer: Rhea Guia

Broadcast Designer: Gerard Navarro

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