May Omni for SVOD (FIlipino Video on Demand Promo)

I tried to do a 3d treatment with this plug since we have a little bit more time in the schedule. But due to technical difficulties in the 3d particle simulation and extreme render time, we decided to put it on hold until we get the hang using cinema 4d in our pipeline. For now I’ve set aside Autodesk Maya to explore the capabilities of 4d. Maybe next time. Good thing my beautiful and patient producer,Tara Macaraeg, is kind enough to move on to another direction. Basically the theme for that month, “May”, is all about mother’s day and her script/copy is directed towards relating the shows to the admirable aspects of a Filipino Mother.

(Video still Uploading…)

Timeline: 3hours

Softwares: Adobe After Effects

Broadcast Designer/Creative Director: Gerard Navarro

Copy/Promo Producer: Tara Macaraeg

Client: SVOD (Video on Demand for TFC)

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