The notorious program changes…

Program Changes.

Timeline : 24hours

Most of you when you watch TV have no idea about the things that happen backstage. You would think that with today’s technology, all the up next, the schedules and texts on screen are already computer driven and most of the type work are non-existent. Well you’re all wrong! For us broadcast designers in TFC, we all have to type it manually… Thousands and thousands of pages of advisory, upnext templates, now next later, and the infamous… Program changes.

I hate doing these projects, aside from it being rush all the time; there is also the “render time” that you have to sit through which takes about 24 hours. I proposed a solution about this a year ago. I have recently came across the website of dan ebberts, and he apparently does solutions for these kind of tedious tasks in broadcast design. He has done solutions for NBC, ESPN, HBO, etc. for the tedious typing jobs of broadcast design.I mentioned this to my boss, so far its under justification by the management. I hope they come around soon. Low cheers…!

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