Practice Countdowns

Recently in the office we had some downtime before the new campaigns start this year. I’m excited because this gives me time to train. I have recently been doodle-ing with cinema 4D. To describe how it handles for me, its like Autodesk Maya….simplified, but the main advantage is that its very friendly on lighting and rendering setups. For starters I’ve tried the greyscalegorrilla tuts at And I would just like to say, nick; you’re a motiongraphics god haha. Thanks for sharing your knowledge for us mortals. I hope to be as awesome as you one day and maybe also impart what I’ve learned from all of you other motion gods out there (Andre Kramer of video-copilo, Maltaanon, Jason Schiefler and of course Alex Alvarez). For now I was just planning to do simple countdowns for me to get the hand of the interface and the workflow. So far, the whole project was pretty straight forward.

Countdown TRT.... I forgot hahaha

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