TFC Logo Animation for 2011

TFC LOGO ANIMATION 2011 TRT: 15 seconds

Its still a work in progress. Our concept here was; to incorporate the distinct shapes & patterns of Ifugao tribal weavings which basically was majority of diamond-like layout but, at the same time giving it a modern twist perhaps maybe in 3d.

With much research we came to a conclusion on “animated booleans” in 3d animation. Working on this project was Me and Mr. Merwin De Mesa. We used Autodesk maya and Cinema 4d for the Logo Animations, and the Brand Idents. It was very difficult working with Cinema 4D for the first time. There was this “popping” animation that until now we could not solve. Alas… it was already deadline and this was the best output we could give. Its not to bad for a first attempt but we know we could have done  better. Its ok, a glass half full is better than none at all. Still I know there is still much to learn from this industry which makes this work more exciting each day. Cheers!


Final Animation (Slightly we geared away from the style frames because of technical difficulties)


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