TFC Logo Animation 2008

TFC Logo Animation 2008 Style Frames TRT: 15 seconds

Back in 2008, I was in charge of the mid year Logo Animation for The Filipino Channel. We were looking for a way to fuse the ethnic patterns and culture of the Philipine history and heritage with the new pop cultures today. Inspired by BEP and Bamboo, we decided to go with a Glossy but sepia kind of look for the images of the gong and patterns to represent the timeless history and culture of the Philippines, which was then accompanied by a modern “rock” pinoy music genre thanks to Mr. Fred and his talented musicians at ABS-CBN so that we would be able to fuse the two different time periods but give one message that is the Greatness of the Filipino transcends Culture, transcends time through generetion after generation.

Broadcast Designer : Gerard Navarro

Creative Director: Gerard Navarro/ Joel barquez

Broadcast Design Head: Joselito Barquez

Music: Mr. Fred

Softwares Used: Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects

Timeline: 2 weeks

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