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Kapamilya Branding Idents 2008

Kapamilya Channel Branding Idents 2008

Back in 2008, Me and Mr. Galvin Ngo of TFC’s Broadcast Design unit was assigned to do the re-branding of Kapamilya Channel. It has recently changed its grid programming from a re-run channel to a channel that majority has “family oriented” shows. Our concept was “Filipino Carnivals”. We came to this idea because we thought; what activity unifies the filipino family  more than a trip to the Carnivals in Quiapo or Star City. With this concept, we have subtly incorporated the message of each Branding Idents to specific images to help tell the story better. For example, for the “Parental Guidance” Ident, we decided to use the roller coaster “ruler” to signify that the next show is for mature adults only or on carnivals “You must only be this High to ride”. Etc.. Etc…

And so it goes…



Broadcast Designer: Gerard Navarro & Galvin Ngo

Broadcast Design Head: Joselito Barquez

Creative Directors: Gerard Navarro/ Galvin Ngo

Softwares Used: Autodesk Maya and Adobe After Effects

Timeline: 1 month

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