The Filipino Channel Christmas Logo 2010

The Filipino Channel Christmas Logo 2010 TRT: 15 secs

It was really difficult having two bosses with different preferences. But after all the blood sweat and tears, it was finally done. For me it still needs much work but considering the timeline they gave me, I’m proud to have made it through with this. Maybe I’ll look back and improve on this when there is time. Still a half glass full, so that means there is more beer to be poured in my glass, cheers!

Christmas Idents 2010

I was also tasked to develop the Christmas Idents. It was the longest 2 weeks of this year. We went through several drafts until finally we hit out target look. Thanks to mr. Joselito Barquez, my design head for being so patient. Blood sweat and tears man!

Logo Design : CCM

Logo Animation: Gerard Navarro

Software Used: Autodesk Maya & Adobe After Effects

Timeline: 2 weeks


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