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Depot Fashion Magazine Launch AVP

DepotFashion Magazine Launch TRT: 1 min

Worked with Bea Pimintel and  Ms. Finina Tugade =). This was a rush project which took about 2 days to produce. The AVP must be 1 minute long, pure graphics and must show how the magazine is incorporated to the website, http://www.depotfashion.com.ph. The project however went along smoothly from the pre-production to post. When the first draft was presented we basically nailed what we were all planning to achieve with extra time to spare. The Launch was at Encore Superclub at the Fort and drinks was overflowing that night. Cheers and thanks again bea and finina, it was a pleasure working with you guys =)

Broadcast Designer: Gerard Navarro

Creative Director: Gerard Navarro, Finina Tugade, Bea Pimintel

Copy: Bea Pimintel, Finina Tugade

Timeline: 2 days

Software Used: AE + Video Co-pilot Optical Flares.

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